05 September 2014

20 facts of me

Quite a long time didn't post in my blog and this will be the first post in 2014. LOL 

20 facts of me

1. Five family members - father mother two brothers and my little polly (puppy)

2. Officially 21 years old

3. Bad temper. I don't repeat something more than 3 times unless my mom. I will normally keep quiet and give 囧 face after that 3 times and that person still don't know what i'm talking about. 

4. Love observation. I love to observe someone's personality, no matter who they are and i guess it is accurate (my friend did said so).

5. Love to be a listener. I like to be rubbish bin of my best friends but not any strangers or normal friends. Maybe i got shocked that my ex-colleague told me all her love story when i first met her. It is just too weird that you tell your private stuff to first meet person isn't it?

6. Easily to forget. For example, my friend told me some story and I can forget it maybe two weeks later and also my homework, class test and so on. So i need to set reminder for the important events or else i can just forget it. BUT i can remember lyrics very well haha I don't know why. 

7. I am quiet person in front of friends. I won't joking around with those friends but i'm super active in front of best friends. 

8. I classify my friends into some categories. I had been explained in my blog in few years ago. 

9. I laugh easily in some weird point while others maybe feel it is not funny at all but i can laugh for minutes. chinese called 笑点低

10. I also cry easily such as some touching moment in the movie, when i'm too stress, or when my friends cry. 

11. I like to lead people but i also feel stress on it. 

12. Love travelling. Just back from korea with friends and my mom and plan to go prague alone but my dad not allow. 

13. Love to sleep. Normally will sleep for 8 hours or at least more than 5 hours a day. 

14. Love to watch korea drama because i found that the storyline will always surprising me. 

15. Complex idea. For example, I like person who are talkative but it is better that not too talkative. I like people who are mature in some circumstances and also childish sometimes. I like people who are playful but he/she can be responsible or serious when they should be. 

16. Love to read novel especially in night. 

17. Actually i plan to purchase my own car before 25 years old and purchase my own house before 30 years old and also travel every year after my 3 years of training. 

18. Care about friends very much. Their emotion can always affect mine. 

19. I'm quite a emotional person. 

20. Trying hard to improve myself to get a better me, better life and better future. 

03 October 2013

The Sixth Sence

Such a long time didn't update my blog. I did some part time job to earn my running man ticket, that's why i have no time to update my blog. :( Unfortunately, the fans meeting had been cancelled and there is some rumors that the organizer had run away and maybe we can't claim back our refund. Such a bad news. 

Well, I believe there is still karma in this world so they will get their karma one day. Think on this way and I will feel they just took our money and they need to use their whole life to compensate what they did. 

I told my friend I dreamt I have been kidnap in my dream and then she lend me her novel about the sixth sense. There is many story inside the book. Just say about the story that attract me. 

There is one pair of brothers that love hiking very much. They always call each other go for hiking. One day, the little brother want to go for hiking again and he ask his brother whether he want to go with him and the elder brother reject it because he need to complete his assignment. So the little brother ask for his parent's permission and plan to go on that weekend. Before the day he go for hiking, he help out his parent to do all the housework that he never did before. His parent feel very happy. The little brother finally depart and he did not come back home that night. The elder brother feel it is normal cuz usually they will stay there one night to enjoy the sunrise but the little brother still haven't come back home on the next day night. The family start to feel worry but they can't contact him. That day, the elder brother had insomnia and after finally he had sleep and he dream about his little brother. He knock his door and call his elder brother to save him. After the elder brother realize there was a dream, he think this is a sign from his little brother so he go find his friends whom usually hiking together and ask them go search for his little brother but they suggest him to wait one more day and the elder brother finally accept and go back home wait for his brother. Unfortunately, police came their house and tell them the bad news that the little had passed away. His brother had been hit by big stone and injured. He had passed away when the police come and save him. 

There is some explaining after the story end. They say maybe the little brother already have the sixth sense that he will pass away so that he did all the housework that he never did although the parent always ask for to minimum his regret. Moreover, the elder brother feel regret that he never come to find her brother when he first receive the sign from his little brother. If he do so, maybe the little brother won't pass away. 

Well, did you believe sixth sense? :) 

25 July 2013

Running Man Fans Meeting @ Malaysia [CANCELLED]

Did you know that I'm really a big fans of running man? Running Man is a korean variety show start from 2010 and still counting. Well, you can google search what running man is and you can try to pick up some episode to watch. You will definitely fall in love with it. :) Now, Big Pocket Group have proudly invite Running Man members to have a fans meeting in Malaysia on 7 september 2013 @ KWC Fashion Mall. I will never miss this chance to meet them so my friends and me start to plan for it. 

As the organizer said that we can only purchase the premium and vip tickets on the pre-sale day at KWC Fashion Mall, so actually I planned to follow my grandfather to KL and buy my tickets. Unfortunately, there was several problems and I didn't go KL buy my tickets. I really wish that there is a balance for me to call their hotline to purchase my tickets so I called them by 11.45 and thanks god I can book my tickets! And YESTERDAY I already received my receipt from Big Pocket Group and it was like finally I'm confirm that I will go KL on 9 September. :D 

I always believe that I'm really that lucky girl. Actually the few days before the pre-sale, the organizer announce that we can only call their hotline to book our tickets on 3pm onward but I feel so worried so I decided to call earlier and successfully bought my tickets. The hotline number was quite busy due to many fans called in and book for the tickets after I already booked. HOW LUCKY I AM! 

BUT honestly, I felt so hopeless the day before the pre-sale day. As I really hope that I can attend the fans meeting but the problems keep pop out. We can't book the tickets first except for oversea fans and then I decided go KL to buy tickets but failed and then one of my friend told me that he was going KL to buy tickets but I can't entirely believe him so I didn't call him buy for me. -.- 

After that I really felt so down and hopeless. Usually I swear that I will always try my best to help my friends when they having problems. But actually I can't have any help from others when I having problems. Sign

For those still haven't buy tickets please email to event@bigpocketgroup.com for more information. GoodLuck! :)